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These methods of payment are accepted in the official Adler Mannheim Onlineshop:

  • Credit Card: VISA & Mastercard
  • Sofortüberweisung (SOFORT)

How do I pay / when will the money be removed from my account?

Credit Card:

If you want to use a credit card as the method of payment, it is essential that you have a Mastercard or VISA.


If you choose to pay by credit card, you need so insert your credit card details. Therefore you need the credit card number, the check number and the period of validity.


To make the payment as safe as possible, we use safety standard “3D”. By pressing the button “check & order”, you will be forwarded to the entry page of your bank to confirm the payment with a password which is also provided by your bank..

After finishing the payment process, you ony have to confirm your purchase on the summary page at the Adler Mannheim Onlineshop.

Your benefits:

  • It is safe: With the help of the Secure Code process, the safety of the credit card payment was once more improved.
  • Save payment information: You can save your credit card details for your next purchase via PCI-Standard. Your data will be encoded and is not saved an our servers.


The invoice amount will be charged from your credit card after the shipping of the goods. Please consider that there will be a credit card authorization of the invoice amount between the ordering confirmation and the shipment of the goods.



Sofortüberweisung (SOFORT):

If you choose Sofortüberweisung as payment method, you need an online banking account. Almost all national banks enable an appropriate access. Check here to see if your bank is involved: https://www.sofort.com/clean/banksearch/de


After choosing Sofortüberweisung as payment method, you will be forwarded to their website at the end of your ordering process and after confirming the button “chargeable order now”. There you need to insert your bank details step by step. Afterwards you insert your usual entrance data for the online banking in a secured payment form. The rest is easy: The TAN generator will now allow you to transact the transfer.


Your benefits:

  • It is safe: The TAN will be sent to you by your bank and the PIN matches your online banking PIN.
  • It is comfortable: You do not have to change to your banks’ website.
  • It is convenient: Your forms will be filled in advance.

Is it possible to have different delivery and billing addresses?

Yes, the delivery address can differ from the billing address, as long as they are in the same country


If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us under this email-address: merchandising@saparena.de .