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Join us on our interactive season opening and secure your BABIS BURGER BAG
In Stock. Please check detail shipping information for your country.
VAT included / possibly additional shipping costs


15,00 €

The product details of Home Jersey of Adler Mannheim

·     the content is intended for immediate consumption only! Do not interrupt the cold chain!

·     coloured in blue

·     only as long stock last

·     excluded from exchange

·     dispatch of the bags will take place on the 24th of July at the Drive-In Counter in front of the south

     gate at the SAP Arena. For more information please refer to the news on our homepage


·     please bring your order confirmation

Material Description:

·     vegetarian patties for 2 burgers together app. 180 gr

·     2 slices cheddar-cheese

·     2 slice emmentaler-cheese

·     1 tomatoe

·     1 vinegar cucumber

·     1 onion

·     2 portions burger sauce

·     2 burger buns

·     2 portions Original WHISTLE cole slaw

·     coaster


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